Hi! I'm Jaime- owner and designer here at Thistle & Dot.
Thistle & Dot was born out of a dream to create beautiful, personalized and 
meaningful floral designs for Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities. 
We believe flowers speak to the soul, and are a perfect way to convey a certain feeling, emotion
or mood.  Be it your wedding, a corporate or personal event, a celebration of life, or a gift order, each arrangement is designed with care and love.
Five facts about me:
1.  I will usually ALWAYS wear black, navy or olive green, or a combination of those colors. So if you are meeting me for a consultation at a coffee shop, just look for the girl in the neutral colors.
2. I will usually wear a hat.  So, as above, in a coffee shop... you get it. 
3.  I don't really like pizza.
4. If you are one of my brides, I WILL CRY when I see you in your wedding dress.  Or when I see a photo of your wedding dress at our consultation.  I am a sucker for wedding dresses.
5.  I am originally from El Paso, Texas.  But I consider Sioux Falls my home- I love the people, the weather
(well, maybe not the ice when I have to drive or walk...) and the feeling of community pride here.
Why Thistle & Dot?
Dot is in honor of my grandmother Dorothy- who never met a flower she didn't love. 
She liked bright colors and even brighter personalities, and you could always tell which porch/deck/apartment/room was hers as it was overflowing with flowers.  Always.  When I think about flowers, Grandma Dorothy is always in the background.  My Grandpa Johnny wasn't the best at stating how he felt, but he always brought her a bunch of daffodils once Hy-Vee received its spring stock.  My grandparents are a huge reason why I feel flowers speak for us when words don't seem adequate.
I miss my grandparents fiercely, and I wish I had sent my Grams flowers more often when I had the chance to do so.  So in a way, each arrangement I design is in honor of her beautiful spirit.
As for Thistle, I chose this particular flower for its meaning- determination and perseverance.  
Currently, Thistle & Dot is run out of my home, where my daughters like to help clean flowers and give me advice.  Every T&D arrangement is designed with love and care.  My clients are very important to me, and I design as if the event was my own.
Thank you so much for trusting me with your floral dreams!

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