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An introduction, of sorts...

I imagine most of you know me, either personally or because you have been kind enough to follow along with my wee floral design adventures. If neither of those is true, then hooray! This post is for you! (although of course everyone is welcome to read this!)

My name is Jaime, and if you had told me ten years ago that I would be working with flowers, I would never have believed you. If you had told me two years ago that I would be designing those flowers on my own, with my own little business, I would have laughed right in your face. Which is rude, I know, and I try very hard not to be rude. But that statement would have been SO unbelievable to me that I couldn't have stopped the laughter.

I stumbled into the floral design world quite by accident. Or fate, if you believe in that. I do. A friend knew someone who was looking to hire a part time employee at a local flower shop. I thought it sounded lovely, and decided to walk in and apply for the job. I was hired that day... and I was so very excited I forgot to even ask what the pay rate would be. And really, it wouldn't have mattered. I wanted to pursue a different path in life, and I figured flowers could be fun. Right?

Well, that job changed my life. For locals, that shop was Meredith and Bridget's Flower Shop... yes- the little turquoise building on Minnesota Ave. I was originally hired to answer the phone, take orders, and clean buckets. I won't lie and say that I LOVED cleaning buckets, but I am a former swimmer and I do love the smell of bleach, so that was pretty great. I did, however, love answering the phone. I loved the customers- the new ones and the repeat customers. I loved hearing the stories behind the flowers. The WHY of the flowers. That drew me in and hasn't let me go- and I don't believe it ever will. I loved my coworkers- my flower family.

I would LOVE to tell you that I rocked the first arrangement I was allowed to design. Or the second. Or the tenth. But that would be a lie. I struggled with it. I still do. I have perfectionist tendencies and I tend to overthink the flowers. I will tell you that I LOVE the process of floral design. The mere act of arranging flowers calms me and I promise that I always design every arrangement with the same care that I would arrange flowers for my mother. It does mean that much to me. And that is because of the aforementioned WHY. I know the stories behind the flowers, and that means the world to me.

I owe Meredith and Bridget so much for allowing me the chance to enter their lives- to meet some of the best friends I will ever have. We have laughed together, cried together, and bonded over bleach buckets. When they made the decision to sell the shop, I wasn't sure what my next step would be. I just knew that the customers, with their stories and smiles and support, would be the driving force behind whatever would come next.

So, after some agonizing and anxiety, I decided to open my own little business. I wanted to somehow keep the relationships with those customers alive, and I wanted to meet new people and hear their stories. If you know me in real life, you know that this was a terrifying step for me. But I knew somehow that it was the right decision. And I have been blessed with those familiar customers who supported me through this season of change. I have also been blessed with the new customers- ones who took someone's word that I could design beautiful arrangements and trusted me with their WHY. It means more than I could ever articulate.

I love designing for the everyday WHYs- the birthdays and get-well-soons and the hope-this-brightens-your-day-because-you-are-awesomes. I adore the weddings, the corporate events, the celebration of life services, and everything in between. I love all they WHYs- no matter big or small.

My grandmother Dorothy (Dot) loved flowers, and loved bright colors and wonderful people. I wish that I had sent her flowers every week, but I hope that she is proud of what I am doing.

I want to use this blog to share with you my WHYs. The weddings, the arrangements, and how each affected me. I hope to share interesting tidbits of information here, and I hope to learn from you all too. It would mean the world to me if you all follow this little blog- I would love to hear from you.

Until my next post-



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