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Shelby & Zac's Joyful Blush Wedding / Downtown Sioux Falls

Shelby and Zac's love story is proof positive that when you find THE ONE, nothing can stand in your way- not even a hugely long-distance relationship.

Their dating relationship started not long before Zac was to leave for TWO years of Air Force pilot training. Some people, upon knowing this, would have decided that it would be easier to back away from a relationship and to remain friends. Since I am blogging about their wedding flowers, we know this wasn't the case!

It was SO much fun to get to know Shelby throughout the design process! She was an awesome bride to work with- she had a vision, and was also open to a few tweaks along the way. She knew that she wanted lush, soft florals, with a blush and white palette. She loves peonies, garden roses (NOT standard roses) and dahlias. I knew peonies probably wouldn't be the best choice for an April wedding- so we went with gorgeous blush Cloni ranunculus and Café au Lait dahlias for our focal blooms, with anemones and thistle to tie in the gents' navy attire. Also- spectacular butterfly ranunculus, fringed white tulips, sweetly fragrant white sweet peas, and other blooms to round out the gardeny-lush style!

Her other request? A large, almost obnoxious bridal bouquet. We both laughed as she said this- but the reason behind the request? Well, let's just say that I fell more in love with this wedding at that moment. We all know that I love the WHYs behind the wedding flowers. Shelby's grandmother had given her money in lieu of a wedding gift... with one request. The money was to be used to help pay for a wonderful bridal bouquet. When I heard this, I was so moved. What better gift from a grandmother? The bridal bouquet is front and center in the majority of the photos- so every time Shelby looks at her gorgeous wedding photos, she will think of her grandmother. I LOVE IT.

Zac requested no boutonnieres for the gents, but his family built an arch to be decorated. I enjoyed Shelby's Instagram account in the days leading up to the wedding- to say she was ready would be a major understatement.

When my team arrived at The Icon in downtown Sioux Falls the morning of the wedding, the joy and love in the building was palpable. Shelby's beautiful bridesmaids were putting makeup on and laughing, telling stories about Shelby, and just having so much fun being together. Shelby appeared and it was apparent that there was a lot of love between these gals.

Shelby was cool, calm and collected. The weather hadn't exactly cooperated, and there were some things that weren't running on schedule due to an ice storm / blizzard that had hit our area. Looking at Shelby, you wouldn't have known AT ALL. She was everything a bride should be on her wedding day- gracious, smiling, and full of joy knowing that at the end of the day, she would be married to her best friend.

We finished the arch installation and delivered the bouquets amidst all the family that had gathered- and I met Shelby's grandmother... she told me how much the bridal bouquet meant to her and how beautiful it was. I may or may not have teared up. OK. I did tear up. I was so touched by this entire wedding.

These beautiful photos were taken by the uber-talented Chelsea of Chelsea Jean Photo, located in Brookings. She was so awesome to work with and I cannot recommend her enough! When I look at her photos of the wedding day, I am struck by all the emotions- the smiles, the tears of joy, the LOVE.

After all, isn't that what a wedding should be about? The love between a husband and wife, the love between parents and a child, the love between a grandmother and granddaughter, and the love between friends. SO. MUCH. LOVE. in one room.

From the personal vows, to the sweet Air Force handkerchiefs, to the obvious love between everyone present- this was definitely a wedding celebration to remember! Thank you to Zac, Shelby, and their families and friends for allowing us to be a small part of such a huge day.



Now- on to more eye candy from Chelsea Jean Photo!


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